List of station and nursery schools in municipality.


The vacancy status of 21 nursery schools in Shobara City, Japan is posted by station

You can check the current and past history of vacancies of 21 nursery schools in Shobara City. By referring to the past history, you can know the approximate vacancies by age. Since there are no stations in the city or its suburbs, please refer to the nursery school list without a nearest station for the availability of each schools.

New nursery schools in Shobara City

There are 1 nursery schools opened within the last 1 year. You can check the details of availability by clicking the nursery name.

Sep. 2039

Station in Shobara City and availability of nursery schools

There is very little information on nursery schools in Shobara City, and it is not possible to find vacant information. We will post it as soon as it is found.

Nursery schools without a nearby station

A list of nursery schools with no stations within walking distance. Click on the nursery name to see detailed information such as availability history.