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Availability of Adachi Mine-Ichiro Kinen Nursery

The vacancy history of Adachi Mine-Ichiro Kinen Nursery in Yamanobe Town, Yamagata prefecture is displayed by age. The nursery school is a 16 minute walk from Uzen-Ymabe Station. Please use it to consider when to enter the nursery school.

Information of nursery school

Yamanobe Town, Yamagata prefecture
Opening year
Established in Apr.2031 (7 years ago)

The opening date is the oldest date of the confirmed date, such as the opening date of the nursery school or the approval date. It may be different from the actual opening date. Please refer to it as an indication of the opening time.

Elementary schools after graduation

  • Yamabe Elementary School etc...

Access to the nursery school

Aterazawa Line
1100m from Uzen-Ymabe station, 16 minutes walk.

Vacancy history

There is no information.

List of nearby nursery schools

There are no other nursery schools nearby.