Vacancy information of Kakinoki nursery in Japan

Information of Kakinoki nursery in Okayama Shi is published. You can check information such as address, access method, and past vacancy history.

Basic information of nursery school

Okayama Shi
Opening year
Established in 2021.02 ( 1 years )

The opening date is the oldest date of the confirmed date, such as the opening date of the nursery school or the approval date. It may be different from the actual opening date. Please refer to it as an indication of the opening time.

Elementary schools after graduation

No information.

Access to the nursery school

San-yo Main Line [Himeji to Okayama], Ako Line
25 min

Vacancy history

0th 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th

:Available、×:Full、-:Unacceptable age or no information、?:Adjusting at nursery school or no information.
When [capacity] and [students] are listed, the number of authorized capacity and the number of enrolled children at the time of description are displayed. The authorized nursery school may accept children up to about 120% of the capacity.

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