Mar. 2023 Availability of nursery schools near Nihonrain-imawatari station

Last update:13 Mar. 2023

Availability of 2 licensed nursery schools near Nihonrain-imawatari Station in Kani City. Useful information for those looking for a nursery school.

Information on Nihonrain-imawatari station

Location: Kani City, Gifu

Location: Kani City, GifuAll nursery schools are located far from the station, more than 10 minutes on foot.

[ Train route ]

Meitetsu Hiromi Line
Inuyama - Mitake

Nursery schools list and availability

List of nursery schools near Nihonrain-imawatari station and availability. Please contact the municipality or nursery school for the latest availability. Even if ● is displayed in the table below, it may be full. Similarly, even if it is x, it may be vacant. Click on a nursery name to view detailed information including past availability.

Smile nest imawatari nursery
Age 0 Age 1 Age 2 Age 3 Age 4 Age 5
× × ×
Distance Capacity Students Kani City
Mar. 2023
Here is a small licensed nursery. Acceptable children are under 3 years old. If your child is over 3 years old, you have to move to another nursery school.
Sumire rakuen
Age 0 Age 1 Age 2 Age 3 Age 4 Age 5
× × × ×
Distance Capacity Students Kani City
Mar. 2023

:Available, ×:Full, -:Unacceptable age or no information, ?:Adjusting at nursery school or no information.

When [capacity] and [students] are listed, the number of authorized capacity and the number of enrolled children at the time of description are displayed. The authorized nursery school may accept children up to about 120% of the capacity.

The time from the nearest station to the nursery is limited to walking and calculated mechanically. Please note that it may be different from the actual walking time.

The next station after Nihonrain-imawatari

Meitetsu Hiromi Line
Kanigawa - Nihonrain-imawatari - Shin Kani

Nearby station from Nihonrain-imawatari

A list of stations that exist within 1 km around this station. When click on the train line name or station name, display detail information includes nearby nursery schools and availability.