Availability of nursery schools near Shin-Tamana station

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Availability of licensed nursery schools near Shin-Tamana Station in Tamana City. Useful information for those looking for a nursery school.

Information on Shin-Tamana station

Location: Tamana City, Kumamoto

[ Train route ]

Kyushu Shinkansen
Hakata - Kagoshima-chuo

Nursery schools list and availability

Searching for a nursery school and availability near Shin-Tamana station. If we find information, we'll post it.

The next station after Shin-Tamana

Kyushu Shinkansen
Shin-omuta - Shin-Tamana - Kumamoto

Nearby station from Shin-Tamana

A list of stations that exist within 1 km around this station. When click on the train line name or station name, display detail information includes nearby nursery schools and availability.