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May 2023 Availability of nursery schools along the Hidaka Main Line

A list of all 4 stations on the Hidaka Main Line and the availability of nursery schools near the stations are displayed. The display is the survey result of May 2023. Click the station name to see detailed information about the nursery schools near the station. If you are looking for a nursery school near the Hidaka Main Line or are planning to move along the line, please take a look.

Last update:03 May 2023


Schools Age 0 Age 1 Age 2 Age 3 Age 4 Age 5
Tomakomai City, 03 May 2023


Schools Age 0 Age 1 Age 2 Age 3 Age 4 Age 5
1 × × × × ×
Tomakomai City, 03 May 2023


Located in Atsuma Town. There are 1 nursery schools near this station.


Located in Mukawa Town. There is no nursery school information for this station.

:Available, :Few vacancies, ×:Full